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A selection of architectural tours developed by Dr Andrew Barrie with other contributing writers including Dr Julia Gatley. These guides were originally published in 'Block', the broadsheet of the Auckland branch of the NZIA. Read more...




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The act of accumulating architects drawings began in 1975 with the donation of some drawings by Mr. H.L. Massey. These were followed a short time later by a collection of the work of Gummer and Ford. Within two years a considerable collection of drawings had been assembled and documented, reflecting the works of some of Auckland's more prominent architects from the early part of the twentieth century. Some of these being M.K. & R.F. Draffin, R.A. Lippincott, Vernon Brown, Group Architects, Abbott & Annabel.

Over the ensuing years, additions have been consistently made by donation of not only working and perspective drawings but also the equally important specifications, photographs and other items allied to the architectural and construction process.

In 1977 a project was carried out to assemble the materials relating to the New Zealand Institute of Architects awards, which had begun in 1927. Consequent to this project we have become the repository for the NZIA Annual awards. The geographical basis of the collection is Auckland, although there are projects from other parts of the country, as some of the firms carried out work outside the region.

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The Architecture Archive is supported by a Steering Group, chaired by Associate Professor Julia Gatley.

Steering Group members:

Sarah Cox, Architecture Archivist
Linda Tyler, Director of the Centre for New Zealand Art Research & Discovery

Academic staff from School of Architecture & Planning:

Associate Professor Julia Gatley (Chair)
Professor Errol Haarhoff
Associate Professor Sarah Treadwell
Dr Elizabeth Aitken Rose
Dr Ross Jenner
Michael Milojevic

The Steering Group is supported by an Advisory Group which currently comprises architects and architectural historians including a representative from the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and the New Zealand Institute of Architects.

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