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The Architecture Archive contains irreplaceable research material. The Archive needs the co-operation of users to ensure that such material is preserved.

You are therefore asked to observe the following rules:

  1. All researchers must be registered. Please complete and sign the Readers' Register form.
  2. Architecture plans and related material are to be used within the confines of the Archive. Items are only available when the Archivist is present.
  3. All material must be handled with extreme care. Do not lean upon, mark, write upon, fold, or handle the materials in any way that is likely to cause damage.
  4. Pencils only should be used when taking notes from manuscripts or plans.
  5. Please preserve the exact order and arrangement of the papers. If items are not in proper order or a mistake is discovered, please call this to the attention of the Archivist. Do not rearrange items yourself.
  6. If access is granted to a restricted collection, you must observe the conditions under which access is granted.
  7. When citing materials the full name of the collection and the Archive should be given. A recommended form is: Holman Moses Collection. HM 130, 34C, folder 12. ArchitectureArchive@Auckland, University of Auckland.
  8. You or your publisher must secure written permission from the Archivist if materials from the Collection are to be published. Your attention is drawn to the provisions of the Copyright Act 1994 and the laws of libel.
  9. Requests for digital images viewed via Matapihi and other sources should be addressed to the Archivist
  10. Policy on reprographics
  11. Copying of selected materials from the Collection may be permitted on the understanding that:
    1. The Archivist only will copy or outsource the material as appropriate
    2. there are no restrictions on the material
    3. copies are for the purposes of research and study unless specified
    4. provision of copies in hard copy or digital format does not imply permission to publish
    5. copies will not be further reporduced or offered for sale, or deposited in another archive's collection
    6. charges, including reproduction costs, must be paid before copies are supplied

The Archivist reserves the right to refuse to copy any material which may be damaged in the copying process.

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